Does Your House Have Foundation Damage?

Does Your House Have Foundation Damage?

We repair and install pier and beam foundations in Lufkin, TX and nearby areas

Your home's foundation could be damaged by all kinds of things, such as plumbing leaks, insufficient drainage systems and shifting beams. If you need pier and beam foundation repairs, HD Foundation Repair is here for you. We offer high-quality pier and beam foundation repair and installation services in Lufkin, TX. If your foundation has small cracks, your entire home has shifted or you need help designing the best setup for your foundation, we can help.

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Advantages of pier and beam foundations

There are many advantages of having a pier and beam foundation. This type of foundation is great because it:

  • Is easy to install and less prone to flooding
  • Costs significantly less compared to slab foundations
  • Provides easy access to plumbing and electrical lines under your home

We use the cylinder method to install pier and beam foundations. We use this tunnel process because it's far more effective and minimizes further disruption to your foundation as opposed to other methods.

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